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Our mission

Pamper yourself, choose nature!

Immerse yourself in the untouched beauty of nature and treat your skin to the best it has to offer – the exclusive products from Dr. Cattani!

As the oldest natural cosmetics brand in Switzerland with its own recipe. The basis was laid in plant-based medical science by spa doctor Dr. Paul Cattani and his wife Olga, as a pioneer of modern dermatology and the first dermatologist in Zurich, he has been working with plants and skin since 1919. Dr. Cattani's own factory, always freshly produced where tradition and innovation meet.

Where tradition and perfection come together!

As the oldest natural cosmetics brand in Switzerland with a unique recipe, Dr. Cattani is synonymous with organic beauty care. Based on the many years of expertise of spa doctor Dr. Paul Cattani and his wife Olga, a pioneer of modern dermatology, the products are manufactured with the utmost care and purely organic ingredients.

Switzerland's oldest natural cosmetics brand with its own recipe!

Dr. Cattani stands for quality and authenticity. Since 1919, the brand has had a clear mission: to combine tradition and innovation to create first-class skin care products. Originally only available in selected beauty salons, you can now also enjoy these exclusive products at home.

Harmless, plant-based natural cosmetics!

Our manufacturing processes follow strict ecological standards. We use 100% pollutant-free, plant-based ingredients and completely avoid overproduction. Our products are manufactured in an environmentally friendly manner and proudly bear the "Made in Switzerland" seal of quality. In addition, we only use biodegradable primary packaging.

Use of natural raw materials. Made in Switzerland!

In our own factory we combine traditional craftsmanship with the latest technology. Each product is made fresh to guarantee the highest quality and effectiveness. Our production processes are completely in-house and follow an environmentally friendly approach that respects and preserves nature.

With Dr. Cattani products, you are not only getting the best for your skin, but also treating our environment responsibly. Treat yourself to the best – treat yourself to Dr. Cattani!

  • 100% pollutant-free plant-based natural cosmetics

  • 100% no overproduction

  • 100% environmentally friendly

  • 100% own development and unique recipe

  • 100% use of natural raw materials, living fresh natural products

  • 100% in-house and environmentally friendly production

  • 100% Made in Switzerland

  • 100% organic primary packaging

  • 100% gentle and nourishing

  • 100% For You!

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