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Tailored skin care

100% pollutant-free plant-based natural cosmetics

- Made to order for you Prepared and tailored to your skin type, skin problems and treatment goals   coordinated

- A variety of combination options for every skin need
- All products are free from harmful or questionable ingredients such as mineral oils (paraffins), silicones, dyes, synthetic fragrances and amines
- Free from ingredients that are harmful in any way


100% ingredients your skin needs

Based on a thorough consultation and the completed questionnaire-based skin diagnosis, you will find out your skin type as well as any existing skin problems and their causes.

It is also possible to analyze the ingredients of your current care program and compare them with your skin type and your skin needs.


- Individual products for the treatment of skin with barrier or keratinization disorders
- Active ingredients that have a calming effect on reddened skin

- Active ingredients that help clarify  from skin blemishes to acne

- Individual concentrated active ingredient combinations to support the treatmentndwishes

100% freshly made for you

- After the online consultation, you have the opportunity to order your products

-These will be sent to your home

- For every order over CHF 100.00, CHF 30.00 of the consultation fee will be refunded to you, which means that it will be deducted directly from the invoice for your personal products.

- You also have the option of ordering an introductory set at a preferential price

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