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Plant active ingredients


Algae  - INCI  Chlorella vulgaris
Origin: leaves
Contains effective components of natural sea algae.
Normalizes skin turgor, makes the horny layer supple, promotes blood circulation.


Anise  - INCI  Pmpinella anisum L.
Origin: fruits
Contains essential oil, anethole.
Mildly normalizes digestion and flatulence disappears happily.


Aloe – INCI Aloe Vera
Origin: leaves
Includes Aloine & resins.
Has a skin-regenerating, slightly astringent effect. Before & after sunbathing.


Aqua Cacteen - INCI Opuntia Ficus-Indica Stem Extract (and) Glycerin

(and) Phenoxyethanol (and) Aqua/Water.
Origin: vegetable, leaves
Soothes irritated skin, moisturizes long-lasting and intensively.


Arnica  - INCI Arnica montana

Origin: flowers
contains tannin, choline, carontinoids.
Stimulating, anti-inflammatory effect, especially for impure skin and acne. The extract is also recommended for reddened, stressed skin. Promotes blood circulation in the skin.


Valerian -  INCI Valeriana officianlis
Origin: root
Contains essential oil, ferments & Alkaloids.
For nervous, irritated skin.


Bibernelle small -  INCI Pimpinella saxifraga
Origin: root
Contains essential oil, tannins, saponins.
Strengthens digestion


Stinging nettle - INCI Urticae folium
Origin: leaves
Contains plenty of vitamins (A + C), tannins, silica enzymes, iron.
In cosmetic formulations for oily skin, impure skin, oily scalp, dandruff, and in bath additives. Has an anti-inflammatory, cleansing, regulating effect on the sebaceous glands, promotes blood circulation, relieves itching, and drains water.
Toning, astringent. Only ½ share.


Da Zao – INCI Jujube extract

Origin: Chinese date

Da Zao is used in creams for rough, sensitive or red skin.


Ivy – INCI Hedera helix
Origin: leaves
Ingredients: saponins, flavonoids, glycosides, caffeic acid
In lotions for impure skin, large-pored skin, dandruff, in bath additives and body tonics for cellulite. Has an astringent, anti-inflammatory, decongestant, pain-relieving effect. Recommended as an addition to personal care products.


Marshmallow  - INCI Althea officinalis
Origin: roots, leaves, flowers
Contains 35% mucus, 37% starch, 10% cane sugar, 10% pectin and minerals
Against inflammatory, cracked skin.


Fennel - INCI Foeniculum vulgare
Origin: leaves
Contains essential oil, anethole, fenchone
Against flatulence


Rosehip – INCI Rosa canina
Origin: Rosehip shells
Contains large amounts of vitamin C, sugar and pectin, as well as malic acid
As an astringent and skin care agent.


Witch Hazel – INCI Hamamelis virginiana
Origin: leaves and bark
Contains large amounts of tannins

As an astringent and skin care product against itching, has a calming and anti-inflammatory effect

The healing powers of the witch hazel bush have long been valued by the indigenous people of North America. They used the bark and leaves of witch hazel to treat skin problems and diarrhea.

Hauhechel – INCI Ononis spinosa
Origin: leaves, flowers, young shoots, roots
Medicinal plant for treating swollen tissue.


Hitentäschel – INCI Capsella bursa pastoris
Origin: whole herb
Has an astringent, contracting effect



Hops – INCI Humulus lupulus
Origin: fruit cones
Contains phytohormones (rich in estrogen), bitter substances.
Has a tonically stimulating effect.


Coltsfoot – INCI Tussilago farfara
Origin: leaves, flowers
Contains Sulfur & Phosphorus.
Has an anti-inflammatory effect. To regenerate the epidermis.


Periwinkle – INCI Vinca minor
Origin: leaves,
Medicinal plant, has an activating and stimulating effect


St. John's Wort – INCI Hypericum perforatum
Origin: Flowering herb,
Contains tannins, pectin etc.
For nutritional creams, has an anti-inflammatory effect on wounds and burns. Has skin regenerating properties.


Caraway – INCI Carum carvi
Origin: fruits,
Contains Alpha Curcumene, Camphor.
Caraway promotes digestion and relieves flatulence


Turmeric – INCI Curcuma
Origin: root,
Contains essential oil, carvone.
Turmeric has a tonic effect on gall bladder weakness


Flaxseed – INCI Lini semen

Originft: seeds

Excellent for having a calming effect

Lovage – INCI Levisticum officinale

Origin: leaves

Excellent for having a calming effect in cream or mask

Linden blossom – INCI Tilia vulgaris

Origin: flowers

Excellent for having a calming effect in shampoo, shower gel or cream

Dandelion – INCI Taraxum officinale
Origin: leaves, flowers, roots
Has high sulfur and silica content, vitamins. Inulin up to 24%.
For skin eczema and lichen. Acne, stimulates all digestive organs.


Mallow – INCI Mallow sylvestris
Origin: roots, flowers, leaves, seeds
slime drug.
Against inflammation. Wound healing agents.


Melissa – INCI Melissa officinalis
Origin: herb
Contains tannin, mucus.
Has an antiseptic effect
For oily skin, with facial toners.


Meristem – INCI Quercus rubor root extract
Origin: vegetable, growth and cell division tissue of the root tips of hardwoods
The extract can be added to all cosmetic products. It is very well tolerated by all skin types. Has anti-allergenic, anti-inflammatory, anti-itching effects.


Parsley – INCI Petroselinum hortense
Origin: leaves, seeds, roots
Contains, among other things, vitamin C, mucilage.
Has an antiseptic effect. For oily, impure skin and acne.


Marigold - INCI  Calendula officinalis
Origin: flowers
Contains carotene (vitamin A), calendulin, saponin.
As a skin protection agent for rough and brittle skin. Only ½ share.
In cosmetic formulations for irritated, sensitive skin, impure skin, after-sun care, general hand care, minor burns, baby care. Has a healing, circulation-stimulating, anti-inflammatory, skin-care effect, and stimulates tissue formation.


Rosemary – INCI Rosmarinus officinalis
Origin: leaves, flowers
Contains tannin & Saponin.
For sagging skin, has an invigorating and circulation-stimulating effect. Also for masks. Only ½ share.


Horse Chestnut – INCI Aesculus hippcastanum
Origin: seeds
Contains esculin, tannin & Saponin.

Horse chestnuts are suitable for treating varicose veins and swollen ankles. Relieve severe leg pain caused by standing for long periods of time.

Sage – INCI Salvia officinalis
Origin: leaves
Contains essential oils, tannins.
Considered to be wound-healing for easily inflamed and large-pored skin.


Yarrow – INCI Achillea millefollium
Origin: Flowering herb
Contains essential oils, tannins, azulene.
Works on indigestion


Licorice – INCI Glycyrrhizia glabra root extract

Origin: root
Contains essential oils, glycosides: glycyrrhizin, glabraic acid, liquiritin, oleanolic acid derivatives, flavonoids, isoflavones, coumarins

Effective for itching, flaky, rough skin


Pansy – INCI Viola tricolor
Origin: leaves, herb, root
Contains, among other things, salicylic acid, rutin, tannins and mucilage.
For impure, dry skin and acne.


Sweet Clover – INCI Melilotus officinalis
Origin: herb
Contains, among other things, salicylic acid, rutin, tannins and mucilage.
Ideal for COUPEROSE, cracked and flaky skin


Thyme – INCI Thymus vulgaris
Origin: leaves
Contains tannin, essential oil.
Highly recommended as an addition to all skin and body care products.


Tormentilla – INCI Potentilla tormentilla
Origin: rootstock
Contains up to 20% tannic acid.
For large-pored skin, has an astringent effect. Sun protection.


Juniper – INCI Juniperus communis
Origin: berries
Contains bitter substances, betulin, camphor.
For digestive organs, urinary organs and metabolism

Wormwood – INCI Atremisia absinthum
Origin: herb, leaves
Contains essential oil, absinthol.
For digestive organs, stomach weakness, kidney weakness, strengthening the circulation


Zi Cao – INCI Spina gleditsiae

Origin: stone seed root

Strengthens the protective and resistance power, especially for very sensitive, sensitive skin.

Horsetail (Horsetail) – INCI Equisetum arvense
Origin: summer shoots
Contains 7.6 to 10% silica, sulfur.
Has a firming effect on tissue, increases the elasticity and resistance of the skin. Also against oily, impure, sagging skin.
Combined with sage in foot cream, against perspiration.


Herbal active ingredients

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